Waterproof Membrane Production Of Guangdong DAYU Is Increasing

- Jan 29, 2018-

【Production】Waterproof Membrane Production of Guangdong DAYU Is Increasing

It came with good news at the time when Guangdong Dayu Jiuding Production base was into operation for one year, that the monthly output of modified asphalt and polymer waterproofing membrane at Dayu Jiuding Base kept rising and increasing rapidly. Monthly output of waterproofing membrane reached a highest record in November. At present, the annual closing battle has started and entered into a hot stage. Dayu Jiuding has reached the best condition both in terms of equipment maintenance, manpower and material reserves. With the current reserve base of production capacity, there is no suspense to constantly refresh production records.

Currently, Guangdong Dayu Jiuding Production Base introduces advanced automatic production equipment at home and abroad. A total of 2 modified bitumen and 4 wide-format synthetic polymer waterproofing membrane production lines have been built. The width of polymer production line is 2m and 4m is set to produce green environmental protection Polymer waterproofing membrane to meet the market demand of traffic, municipal engineering and other growing high-quality waterproofing requirements.

With the Dayu Jiuding base put into production and the continuous development of polymer waterproofing membrane products such as TPO, PVC, HDPE and EVA, the product structure has been optimized. The sales situation of Dayu in Guangdong shows a good momentum of steady growth, especially the newly listed TPO waterproofing membrane and TPO self-adhesive film waterproofing membrane performance is eye-catching.

To meet the ever-increasing demand of orders, Dayu Jiuding base is continuing to maintain high yield momentum. Polymer workshop manager said: " It is the end of the year and in the peak of sales season, although workers tired, under the human care to workers and incentives measures, booming momentum and the factory's growing orders, inspire our workers enthusiasm of The production. Dayu workers is very highly active and concerted efforts to ensure production and right delivery to every of clients and engineering project sites.