Shenzhen Subway Observation Group Visited Dayu For Observation And Guidance

- Nov 23, 2017-

Guangzhou Dayu has a group of important guest on September 17th. A observation group formed by officals from Shenzhen subway company and China construction south investment company visit Guangzhou Dayu for observation and guidance.

Dayu company president Mr. Wang luji together with company's management staff shows warm welcome to the obsevation group. The obervation and guidance work went smoothly as schedule. 

First, a company intro video was showed to the group for introducing the company situation; Then, vice president Mr.Cheng answered the question from the group one by one, handed in many important certification for verifying, included the National industrial product license , construction waterproofing Grade 1 qualification, Construction waterproofing AAA credit certification and so on. Afterward, observation group visit around Dayu's exhibition hall and office environment; In the end, accompanied by sale director Mr. lv, observation group went to Dayu's production base in Conghua for field investigaton.