Senegle Clients Visit Dayu Waterproof

- Dec 06, 2017-

Early this month,  Guangzhou Dayu ushered in two foreign guests, who come from the far away mysterious country---Senegal. One called Comba, who majorly running Dayu brand's waterproof material business, such as APP, self-adhesive modified bituminous membrane and Polyurethane waterproof coating, she is one of Dayu's long-term cooperation partners.

This year, more and more foreign clients and friends visit Dayu for business meetings and cooperation. That means, in the past 22 years, Dayu team has been working hard to go beyond ourselves and greatly improve our capacity, our distributors group are growing fastly, Dayu brand product are being sold all over the country and the world.

Looing to the future, Guangzhou Dayu is walking towards international stage with full confidence.