Polyethylene, Polymer, Polyester, What Is The Difference Between All?

- Mar 01, 2018-

Dayu received a inquiry from our client from Iran who asked about polyethylene, polymer, polyester, what is the difference between all?

We think it is a very typical question which is deserve to share, please kindly check the idea exchange below:

****2018-02-25 07:12

I am interested in buying 3,000 square meter APP roof waterproof asphalt bitumen membrane 4mm thick with sand or gravel finish. Please give me a price FOB. It is hot in my country so I am interested in APP and not SBS.

Yerry Xiong2018-02-28 10:36

Dear ****,

Thank you for kind inquiry about our APP roof waterproof bitumen membrane.

Please kindly check the offer which is popular we have been delivering to market of Middle East.

APP modified membrane with green sand finish.jpg 

The 4mm green sand finished asphalt waterproof membrane & fiberglass reinforced @ FOB Guangzhou Price is: ***US$ per sqm. MOQ:3000 sqm per order, free sample is available. Size of each roll membrane is 4mm thickness * 1M width * 8M Length, can be custom made as per request. 

The offer is valid to the end of March only, 

Any other question, feel free to contact please.

We expect to your comments soon :)

Best Regards


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****2018-02-28 11:57

Can you describe the layers of the membrane in the picture?

Yerry Xiong2018-02-28 14:39

Dear ****, sure.

Please kindly check the layers in this picture I try to describe.

If still anything unclear, please just feel free to let me know. the reinforced materials we produce polyster and fiberglass as per request, what kind of material do your prefer to please kindly advice.

Thank you.

Best Regards


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****2018-02-28 14:44

What are the benefits of polyster vs. fiberglass? Is there a price difference between polyster and fiberglass? In my country it is very hot normally, it never snows or get really cold.

Yerry Xiong2018-02-28 15:26

Dear ****r,

Yes, the tensile strength of polyster is advantage over the fiber glass, please see the technical date comparison below:

1. Water-tightness 30min:  Polyster 0.3Mpa VS. Fiberglass 0.2Mpa

2. Max tension(N/50mm):  Polyster VS. 500(N/50mm) Fiberglass 350(N/50mm)

Will you use the membrane for your direct project or distribute to your clients? Do you have the spcific consition of the roofing so that we can recommend the suitable choice as per condition, is that okay?

wait for your reply.

Best Regards


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****2018-03-01 01:03

I have a client that wants to use it for his project. if it is good I will distribute it to other clients. The roof is a new construction flat concrete roof, let me know what other information you need to recommend what is suitable choice. The weather is very hot so no extreme cold or snow climate.

Yerry Xiong2018-03-01 12:03

Dear ****

Thank you for kind reply.

We want to know what kind of the building is it?

As our China standard for different protection requirements for different building roofing.

If this is the building over 12 floors to be defined with important construction and high rise building, we would like to recommend the polyster reinforcement, combined with the proper installation and use, the waterproof warranty can be over 15 years.

For General building like school or office building, the warranty can be 10 years. Our fiberglass type can be assured.

Can you advice what kind of building is it for?

We expect to hear from you soonest.

Best Regards


****2018-03-01 12:13

It is a high-rise building, 8 floors above ground level. Some supplier offer polyethylene, some polymer, some polyester. what is the difference between all?

Yerry Xiong2018-03-01 15:11

Dear ****, sorry for big mistake about the understanding of polynthylene !

Please forget the explanation from last email .

polynthylene (ie. PE ) is a kind of film layer upper and lower surface finished material as film.

if it is used on upper surface of the membrane,  the function is near to the sand or granual layer , the sand or granual layer can be exposed but polynthylene film need to do a protection layer on top with cement motar. It can choose to peel off or not to during installation.

If it is used on lower suface of the membrane, it also can be directly fire on the torch and direct adhere to roofing substrate.

Anything unclear, please also let me know.

Here is a APP waterproof membrane sample picture for your reference with polynthylene film

Mineral Sample.png

Yerry Xiong2018-03-01 15:13

Welcome to exchange your idea if any mistakes in our communication content.