Method Of Double Layer Membrane Waterproofing For Foundation

- Feb 22, 2018-

Method of Double Layer Membrane Waterproofing for Foundation

Due to 100㎜ thickness of C15 concrete cushion is a non-structural system, and the waterproof layer is flexible material between the bottom plate and the reinforced concrete structures which is the weak interlayer, so 100 ㎜ thickness of concrete cushion under the loads of the unit structure lead to cracks, waterproof layer if closely bonded on the cushion layer is easy to "crack reflection" damage;Therefore, the 2008 edition of the technical specification for the waterproof of underground works (GB50108-2008,List of 4.3.16) stipulates that the flexible waterproof rolling material should be used in the bottom plate with "empty paving method or point sticking method".

1. Waterproof method of foundation surface

2. Profile wall joints waterproofing method

3. Post pouring zone waterproofing method

4. The elevator well & catchpit waterproofing method

5. Ourside wall waterproofing winding method

6. Wall tube waterproofing method