How To Make Good Waterproof For Tiles

- Jan 16, 2018-

How to construct perfect waterproof for tiles? How to choose right waterproof material for tile ?



Kitchen and toilet ask for high requirements for waterproofing more than other places, if the waterproof defeated, it will bring great trouble to life. Since many house-owners asked how to do waterproofing construction while sticking to the flooring tiles.

We will introduce how to do a good tile waterproofing and how to choose waterproof material for tile below:

Firstly, how to do waterproof for paved floor brick? 

After Bathroom tile has been paved ,it is not allow to do waterproof on the tiles.

Let's talk about the process of bathroom renocation, it is required to carry water and electricity renovation than waterproofing and water tight test, finally to stick tiles and sanitary installation.Waterproof should be constructed on the concrete substrate so that waterproofing layer could acheive good effects.



To repair and level off those waterpines With diluted concrete will be damaged, the surface of the water pipes, wall pipes and other places need to be repaired repair flat, until the basic solidification of cement dry; the ground, clean the wall clean, watery bottoming evenly brushing again, in the water is not After the drain is basically dry with a bristle brush will waterproof paint vertical and horizontal brushing, brushing 3 times, each time between the brushing waterproof coating must be dry before brushing again, it is best to be a closed water test It's okay

Secondly, how to choose waterproof material for ceramic tile ?

1, There are two different kinds of tile adhesive on the market such as powdery material and gluey. At the same time these two different shapes of adhesive paste strength is not the same, you also need to see you have to do paste the base surface of the tile, to see which kind of adhesive is more suitable for your current base.

2, choose the tile size suitable tile glue. Paste the same size tiles in different places, the requirements of the tile glue is not the same. The same paste in the same place the size of the tiles, the tile glue is different. Under normal circumstances, the paste on the wall of the tile adhesive force will be much higher.

3, the place to be laid, to determine the performance of tile adhesive. We have to make it clear that the price of tile adhesive is not the choice of tile adhesive conditions. Now the functional varieties of tile adhesive is more, for example, have a waterproof, alkali resistance, anti-slip properties and so on the tile adhesive. In particular, to be used in the pool tile adhesive, it can not be more casual.

The above is to introduce to you today how to do a good tile waterproofing and tile waterproofing material how to choose all the knowledge, no matter what kind of waterproof material we choose, just go to the regular store to choose, then, in terms of cost Let everyone be assured.