Guangdong Dayu Spring Festival Gala & Reception 2018

- Jan 24, 2018-

On the afternoon of January 19, Guangdong Dayu Company Annual Gala was held ceremoniously in Guangzhou Goose City. The annual meeting was divided into two sessions: First, the year-end 2017 awards ceremony was held. More than 200 staff representatives from all staffs of the Company, overseas institutions and Qingyuan, Conghua, and Hubei factories attended the meeting. Subsequently, the Spring Festival Gala and the group reception was held. Mr. Xia Zhanxi, Secretary-General of Guangdong Construction Waterproof Industry Association, some distinguished guests from partners in the province, distributors, customers and more than 400 employees from Dayu in Guangdong participated in the party.

The first session: annual summary commendation ceremony

Hu Xiaocheng, general manager presided over and hold the solemn recognition

                                                         Solemn and sacred New Year collective oath

Wang Luji, chairman of Guangdong Dayu reported  "Work Summary 2017 and 2018 Work Outlook," 

Guangdong Dayu award ceremony 

2017 Year Winners wearing red flowers on the red carpet

Chairman Wang personally presented the award-winning employees

 Group photos of the award-winning employees & Leadership 

Subsequently, the eight award-winning employee representatives have taken the stage to speak, expressing their feelings and gratitude. Their winning testimonials won bursts of applause.

The second session: Spring Festival party and the group reception 

The four hosts stunning debut

           After the conclusion of commendation, at 6 o'clock in the afternoon, Guangdong Dayu Spring Festival party and reception group officially kicked off. Chairman Wang made a speech at the Spring Festival party to present New Year greetings to all the honored guests and all staff present here.

Wang Luji, chairman of Dayu make New Year speech

Wonderful show

      Followed by the highlight of this annual event, from the company's major programs, large-scale performances and exciting lottery activities, so that evening activities climax, applause, crowded.

Opening drum show, shock the audience

Hu Xiaocheng, general manager with the poem recitation, "Dayu song", "Farewell to Cambridge," shows the style of literature and art

Li haijun, general manager of Guangdong Dayu Shenzhen Branch singing"borrow five hundred years from sky", "horizon", to win everyone's applause

Unique style dance "set off your hijab" 

Regional Competition Show

North China Market Team "I believe", cool debut

East China Market Team "true hero", very imposing

Southwest China Market Team"Southwest good scenery", sing a charming style

Central of China Market Team"Shanghai Beach", with special flavor

Department of Guangzhou Office Show

Funny hunor “take off,Dayu””from Direct Marketing Department

Inspirational song and sign Language show“Thanksgiving Heart

Many talent performances turns on stage shows Dayu's Style

Large-scale song and dance "cheerful jump", dynamic light and colorful brilliant

Wonderful magic show, detonated the audience

Top guests toast New Year 2018

Xia Zhanxi, secretary-general of Guangdong Building Waterproofing Association, top executives of the company toast, celebrate New Year 2018

New Year pumping jackpot, good luck again and again

non-stop Prize-rich  giving

Grand Prize of laptop flowers to beauty from Central China Market Team

Memorable tonight ending

    The guests and friends were all over the place, witnessing glory and sharing the joy of harvest. Finally, the annual festival of Dayu in Guangdong ended in a song called "Unforgettable Tonight", leaving us with an unforgettable memory.