Guangdong Dayu Gained the Honorary Titles of Top 10 Excellent Supplier

- Dec 02, 2017-

    To explore the industry development direction,  innovative cooperation method and  the new way of thinking about the efficient management between the two sides of supply and demand under new era with new challenges, Pearl River Investment Group hold a grand supplier meeting with the President and the outstanding supplier award ceremony in 2017 with "new ecological + win-win" as the theme in Guangzhou Pearl River International Hotel on 1st December,2017. More than 60 quality suppliers of the Pearl River Investment Group gathered a joyous event from all over the country. Guangdong Dayu Waterproof as one of the Top 10 excellent supplier and designated building waterproofing material partner attended in the meeting.


The live event of award ceremony in Guangzhou

      There are 57 suppliers won the qualified supplier honor of Pearl River Group, and 10 suppliers was entiled the excellent supplier honor, Guangdong dayu waterproof has won the " Top 10 excellent suppliers " honor in this ceremony.We devoted ourselves to stategic cooperation with high quality products and best service with more and more enterprises in long term in coming 2018.

DAYU WON the Top 10 excellent  supplier.jpg

 From the 7th on the left is Manager Director Li of Guangdong Dayu Waterproof

Honor Award.png

Certificate Honor of Guangdong Dayu Waterproof