Elastomer Modified Bitumen Waterproofing Membrane

- Aug 28, 2017-

Polymer Modified Bitumen Waterproofing membrane can be divided into elastomer polymer modified asphalt waterproof coil, plastic body polymer modified bitumen waterproofing membrane, rubber and plastic blends polymer modified bitumen waterproofing membrane three categories, all kinds of polymers can be further classified according to the polymer modifier, and the elastomer polymer modified bitumen waterproofing membrane can be further divided into SBS modified bitumen waterproofing membrane, SBR modified bitumen waterproofing membrane, reclaimed rubber modified bitumen waterproofing membrane, etc. See the following figure for specific categories. Several important modified bitumen waterproofing rolls are described below.

1, Elastic modified asphalt waterproofing membrane (ie, SBS), the implementation of gb18242-2008 national standards;

SBS Modified Asphalt Waterproofing membrane is a thermoplastic elastomer modified agent, the petroleum bitumen modified as impregnated coating material, with glass fiber felt or polyester felt and other reinforcement materials for the carcass, plastic film, mineral particles, sheets, etc. as the anti-sticking isolation layer, through the selection of materials, ingredients, blending, impregnation, composite molding, crimp, inspection, volume, packaging and other processes made of a flexible, high-grade, curly sheet waterproof material, is a representative of the elastomer asphalt waterproof membrane.

Features: Comprehensive performance, with good high-temperature and low-temperature resistance and anti-aging properties, construction is simple.

This product is added to the $number SBS thermoplastic elastomer, which has double properties of rubber and plastics. At room temperature, with rubber-like elasticity, at high temperature and like plastic with molten flow performance, is plastic, asphalt and other brittle material toughening agent, after SBS this thermoplastic elastomer material modified asphalt as waterproof coil impregnated coating layer, thus improving the elasticity and fatigue resistance of coiled material, prolong the service life of coiled material, enhance the comprehensive performance of coiled material.