DAYU Honor Memo 2017

- Feb 14, 2018-

【MEMO 2017】


Honor Awarded  Section

1Guangdong Dayu was awarded “2016 China construction waterproof technology pioneer enterprise”


2Chairman Mr. Wang  was honored as the top 10 "2016 China building waterproof technology pioneer" 


3Guangdong Dayu was identified as "Guangdong province engineering technical center of self-adhesive modification and polymer waterproof membrane material"



4Guangdong Dayu "one product three function of Sound insulation, heat insulation, waterproof." self-adhesive membrane development project obtained the Guangzhou science and technology achievement certificate.


5Guangdong Dayu Jiuding laboratory was designated as "building waterproof industry standardization laboratory"


6Guangdong Dayu was awarded the first batch of excellentproducts (polymer cement waterproof coating) quality international comparison research to improve the demonstration enterprise.


7In 2017, Dayu obtained two patents of invention and one patent license of utility model.


8HDPE sheet and PU waterproof coating of Guangdong Dayu obtained CRCC Rail Way Product Certificate


9Top 10 excellent supplier of Pearl Real Eastate