Dayu Jiuding On Invitation Paid A Visit To (Guangzhou) Railway Design And Research Institute Bringing Along The Baixiniu Polymer (TPO Adhesive) Waterproof System For The Technical Exchange

- Oct 17, 2018-


On September 11, Dayu Jiuding, on invitation, paid a visit to (Guangzhou) Railway Design and Research Institute. Our professional and technical engineers brought along with them the Baixiniu Polymer (TPO adhesive) Waterproof System for the technical exchanges. 

Managers from concerned departments of the Institute and relevant construction designers attended the seminar. 


At the meeting, our technology engineer Ouyang gave an explanation on our years of experience in underground waterproof engineering, such as tunnel, pipe gallery and subway.

Ouyang also gave comprehensive analysis on the construction scheme of our newly developed Baixiniu Polymer (TPO Adhesive) Waterproof System.


Through the technology sharing, CCCC (Guangzhou) Railway Design and Research Institute designers gained a deepened professional knowledge in waterproof technology.  The Q&A part at the end of the meeting is also satisfactory.