Dayu Is Nominated Waterproof Material Supplier For Jiuyi Mountain Tunnel Section Of Gran Canal Highway

- Apr 02, 2013-

This project starts at City of Yongzhou, to cross Hengkun Highway and to connect Shaoyang-Yongzhou Section of Gran Canal Highway. The entire Jiuyi Mountain Tunnel is 6350 meter long bearing a total investment of 10.79218 billion CNY.

The project is a four-lane highway, design speed 100km/h, roadbed width 26m, load class I. The main line uses bituminous concrete pavement.

Dayu prevail and become the waterproof material supplier for the project after an intense bidding and rounds of selections. Jiuyi Mountain Tunnel Section of Gran Canal Highway is a national trunk highway. We dayu will do our level best, make perfection more perfect, comply the construction aim of Safe, Eco-friendly, Durable and Economicand make our contribution to this green corridor and to the economy development of Yongzhou, Hunan.

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