Dayu Conducted Training Of Environmental Protection And Treatment

- Nov 29, 2017-

This month, Dayu waterproof company invited Mr. Yue haibo from Guangdong  Environmental Protection Industry Association to conduct a training to all staffs on the subject of environmental protection and treatment.

Mr. Yue said: Nowaday our country's economy is confronted with very serious problem: bad living environment, heavily polluted air and water, global warming, frequent fog and haze. Statistics of National Geographic Bureau suggested that the country's output value is lower than environmental treatment expense, according to this ratio, our descendants will be lack of safe living place and healthy food in the near future, animals will be extinct too. 

Therefore, we have to do with the very little things around us, such as tun off the power while getting out, do not waste paper, do not waste food, sorting out garbage and so on.

In construction industry, especially construction waterproofing, we have to follow the requirement and strategic of sustainable and scientific development.  Make sure our waterproof material is under the concept of saving global resource and produce no waste. Dayu is taking serious consideration to this issure, insisting on producing best quality and green waterproof material, aheading towards a green waterproofing development.