Characteristics Of Polyurethane Waterproof Coating

- Aug 28, 2017-

Polyurethane waterproof coating.

Non-tar polyurethane waterproof coating

Non-tar polyurethane waterproof coating is a two-part material, the use of water as a chain extender, to avoid the toxicity of amine chain Extender, after curing to form a rubber waterproof layer with elastic without seams.

First, Product Features:

1. Normal temperature construction, easy operation, non-toxic and harmless.

2. Natural leveling, extensibility, can overcome the cracks caused by the leakage of grass-roots.

3. With excellent weather resistance, oil resistance, seawater resistance, corrosion resistance.

4. Can be wet construction (no rainwater), strong adhesion, to shorten the duration.

Use: For basement, bathroom, bathroom, cistern, grain depot, roof, exterior wall waterproof.

Third, technical indicators: the implementation of standard GB/T 19250-2003