Chapters Of Guangdong Dayu R&D center

- Nov 18, 2017-

Adhering to the concept of "science and technology is the first productivity", a large amount of money is invested every year for Dayu‘s scientific and technological R&D center

   The R&D center is mainly responsible for the development and improvement of the company's products, as well as cooperating with experts in international and domestic research institutes to conduct research on the frontier science and technology of waterproof field.

  Guangdong Dayu R&d center has a group of senior engineers, intermediate engineer, assistant engineer 20 people as elite team, professional involved in chemical, polymer, chemical process, fine chemicals, and other disciplines, including waterproof coating, waterproofing materials, polymer waterproofing materials, and other products in the field of study. Meanwhile, equipped with advanced small type research and development machine, high standards of inspection equipment in Dayus R&D center, with strict management of science is to ensure the reliability of the new waterproofing products and new technologies.