Cementitious Permeable Crystalline Waterproofing Materials

- Aug 28, 2017-


Infiltration crystallization of cement base

cement-based permeable crystalline waterproof material is a waterproof material composed of silicate cement, quartz sand, special active chemical material, etc. Under the guidance of water, water as a carrier, through the strong permeability, in the concrete microporous and capillary tube carries on the transmission, the filling, the physical and chemical reaction, forms the insoluble in water the dendrite crystal, the crystal and the concrete structure unifies into the closed waterproof layer whole, the interception flows from any direction and other direction flow and other liquid erosion.

2. Product Features

(1) with extraordinary waterproof ability

① is highly resistant to water pressure and can be subjected to strong water pressure for a long time.

② extremely strong infiltration ability: put it outdoors for six months, penetration depth of 100-150mm

③ extremely long-term self-healing capacity: less than 0.4mm of cracks can be self-healing

(2) has the unique breath, the antiseptic, the anti-aging, the protection steel bar ability.

① the material can keep the normal air permeability inside the concrete structure, the road is dry and damp, and it can stop the water molecule from passing.

② the material has the ability of resisting chemical material corrosion.

③ This material anti-aging, has certain anti-radiation ability.

④ concrete through the material treatment, can improve the protection of concrete steel bar, and waterproof freeze-thaw caused by spalling, weathering, and other damage.

(3) Environmental protection, non-toxic, pollution-free.

(4) Excellent compatibility with other materials. The material can also be used in the concrete when pouring into the cement.

(5) Simple construction and labor saving.

(6) Low temperature resistance. No cracking, peeling, no change.