Bitumen Waterproofing Membrane

- Aug 28, 2017-

Asphalt waterproofing Membrane is a traditional waterproof coil, low cost, tensile strength and elongation, low temperature stability, high temperature and easy to flow, low-temperature brittle crack, anti-aging, short service life, belongs to the low-grade waterproof roll material.

Using the original paper, fiber felt and other fetal materials dipped asphalt, the surface of powdery, granular or flaky material made of flexible sheet-like waterproof material.

Bitumen waterproofing membrane refers to a tire coil and no tire coil material. Usually with thick paper or glass cloth, a roll-like material impregnated with petroleum bitumen, such as asbestos cloth, cotton and linen fabric, is called a tire coil, and the roll-like material, which is made of asbestos, rubber powder and so on, is called roller Shan material, i.e. no tire roll.