About Bitumen Waterproofing Membrane

- Aug 28, 2017-

1, the conventional linoleum is based on the original paper, impregnated petroleum bitumen or tar pitch made of rolled material, the surface of stone powder to play a role in isolation. The general thickness is about 0.7~1.2mm.

2, SBS refers to the SBS rubber into the asphalt, the performance of the asphalt to improve, with polyester felt or fiberglass mat as the base, surface with polyethylene film or other materials for the isolation layer. The general thickness is 3mm\4mm.

3, the performance of these two kinds of materials is very different, SBS is the international general waterproof material, and linoleum due to poor performance, aging fast, has stopped in the use of waterproof works. The performance standard of linoleum is GB326 asphalt linoleum, the standard of SBS coiled material is GB18242 asphalt waterproofing membrane.

4, the SBS roll material is commonly referred to as a polymer modified asphalt coil, and other have app, Apao, such as modified asphalt roll material.

5, petroleum asphalt linoleum is the asphalt roll material, the bituminous coil is refers to does not have the modified roll material, usually refers to the linoleum.

6, if it is the asphalt waterproof membrane, including the non modified asphalt linoleum, polymer modified SBS roll, oxidized asphalt modified roll material.