Roofing Waterproofing Construction Method -Part 1

- Feb 19, 2018-

Double layer Roofing & Joints waterproofing Construction Methods 

1. Roof Waterproofing construction:

2. Roof Parapet Waterproofing construction:

The additional layer of the roof parapet is made of waterproof membrane with the same material as the large area,using torch on fire construction, and the additional layer width is 250mm.The winding ending height of the waterproof membrane shall exceed the height of the additional layer(depends on specific site condition)  and the winding end shall be collected to the lower of the top capping.No need to turn over to his parapet on the wall surface of capping, parapet wall is too high and no coping, according to the other formations of upper roofing waterproof layer thickness, to ensure that the waterproof layer to complete the water height not less than 250 mm this part of the groove, to press the coiled material waterproof layer charge head into the slots.All of the above methods shall be fixed with metal bar screws and sealed with sealing material (see the way of winding waterproof materials).

3. Waterproofing Method to Pipe Outside Roofing 

After the construction of large surface, it is necessary to set up the additional layer according to the following figure. The specific method is to cut the coil into 12 or 16 equal parts according to the diameter of the pipe root, and then hot melt around pipe root to the surface.  Than cover the pipe accordingly as picture B, melting the cutted part to the surface.