2017 Propaganda Film Of DAYU Group

- Oct 27, 2017-

【New】2017 Propaganda Film of DAYU Group

After 3 months planing, filming and video editing, the Propaganda Film of Guangdong dayu in 2017 is publishing now.

【 Script  Appreciation 】

       Dayu Waterproof is one of the leading and biggest waterproofing system providers in China. Established in 1995, Dayu waterproof has been devoted to the scientific research, development, producing and sales of waterproof materials. We have been providing high-quality and professional waterproofing system solutions for important infrastructural construction projects, industrial buildings, civil buildings and commercial buildings in the past 20 years. Dayu waterproof holds 3 subsidiaries, 2 modernized factories, one advanced research and development center, and several professional, experienced construction teams. The subsidiaries including:

Guangdong Dayu Jiuding Waterproof Technology Co.,Ltd,

Guangzhou Dayu Building Waterproof Material Co.,Ltd,

Guangzhou Dayu waterproof Technology  Development Co.,Ltd.

Dayu jiuding production base, as a bright new star of dayu in guangdong province, the future holds the strategic dream of green rise of the group company.

The new base has imported a number of domestic advanced high polymer waterproofing rolling material production line for TPO,PVC and EVA which is eco-freindly for environment.

In the past two decades, building waterproofing production of Guangdong Dayu has been updated constantly and bring forth new inovative waterproofing products for construction building, there are more than 40 varieties of waterproofing membrane and waterproofing coatings are widely applied to major infrastructure projects, and civil construction projects, creating the one classical waterproofing engineering after another.