Flexible Cement-based Waterproof Coating

DYC-734, the two components acrylic-modified cementitious waterproofing system. Requires surface to be wetted down prior to application. Suitable for internal use in swimming pools, kitchens, toilets, balconies, water tanks; also suitable for external use such as parking decks or planter boxes,...

Product Details

Flexible Cement-based Waterproof Coating

 DYC-734, the two components acrylic-modified  cementitious waterproofing system. Requires surface to be wetted down prior to  application.
 Suitable for  internal use in swimming pools, kitchens, toilets, balconies, water tanks; also  suitable for external use such as parking decks or planter boxes, for sealing  precast joints or concrete elements, or protecting lightweight/hollow/aerated  blocks.
 Anti-carbonation  protection, non-toxic, foot trafficable when cured, and will not attack metal.


  • Excellent flexibility, suitable for waterproofing  structure, in which small cracks can be found due to slight vibration and  movement etc.

  • Direct apply on damp surface. After the slurry  membrane is dried, could go on the next tiling procedure without any additional  protective coating.

  • Good bonding strength to substrate of concrete and  render. The active element permeates into capillary pores of the substrate and  forms a compact waterproof layer.

  • Outstanding waterproof, resistant to weather change  and durable.

  • Good water vapor permeability, to keep the substrate  dry.

  • Non-toxic and not harmful to human.

Executive  standard


K11-cementious elastomeric    polymer waterproof coating





solid content (%)



tensile strength (Mpa)



elongation rate (%)



adhesive strength against damp 
     substrate (Mpa)



water tightness

0.3Mpa, 30min, no leakage

Construction Method

  • Base course: The base course must be solid, clean, flat, and humid,  no greasy dirt or dust; when there is a flaw or crack, it must be repaired by  using cement mortar; and external corners should be made into circular arcs by  spatula.
       2.Stir and mix: Pour the additive into container with a certain ratio  then pour the powder into the additive and stir adequately till they become  mucilage without granules; to prevent layering and sediment, stir  intermittently during use.
       3.Construction: Directly use brush or brush roll to brushing the base  course evenly, and make sure that there are no missed areas; brush 1 layer for  damp proof, and 2-3 layers for waterproof. Brush the second layer when the  first layer is not sticky (1-2h), and the direction shall be vertical.
       4.Coating protection: After finish the slurry constructing, the coating  shall be protected including pedestrians prohibited; rain erosion, insolation  or sharp objects etc, it does not need special protection after the coating has  been dry.
       5.Coating maintenance: After construction have been done for 24h, use  wet cloth to cover or spray with water to maintain the coating for 2-3days; if  there’s high humidity or airless, drying time of coating will be longer,  conversely it will shorter. Use mechanical ventilation to speeding if necessary  for the project schedule.
       6.Construction temperature: Between 5-40°C.


 1.It can be used  directly on the concrete ,metal ,wood ,masonry and thermal insulation layer.
 2.Be used on the  surface of waterproof layer (such as bitumen, rubber , SBS/APP, PU etc)
 3.New and old  building, kitchen, toilet, underground construction, tunnel, bridge, reservoir  and so on.

Do not use in  following situations:
  When buildings shake,  shift or shrink a lot;The sealing of the expansion joint, deformation joint,  settlement joint, post-cast strip or wall pipe.

Safety matters

  • This product is alkaline so that should be avoided contacting with skin for a long time and powder inhalation. Meantime, protect your eyes from contacting powder and if contact occurs, rinse with water immediately and go to hospital as soon as possible. Non-toxic and harmless, this is an environmental product.

Store in a cool dry place; quality guarantee period: 12 months.

  • Packing: 5kg/set, 20kg/set, 34kg/set

  • Appearance: additive: milk white       powder: gray