Crystalline Waterproof Coating

Cementitious capillary crystalline waterproof coating Product Overview Cementitious Capillary Crystalline Waterproofing Coating is a rigid waterproofing material made using high-grade cement and fine quartz sand as main materials, adding in many imported reactive chemicals as penetration...

Product Details

 Crystalline Waterproof Coating

Cementitious capillary crystalline  waterproof coating                                                                                     

1.Product  Overview

Cementitious Capillary Crystalline  Waterproofing Coating is a rigid waterproofing material made using high-grade  cement and fine quartz sand as main materials, adding in many imported reactive  chemicals as penetration masterbatch. It is a powder looking material and shall  be mixed with water just prior to application.

2.Product  Features

1) Excellent penetration  ability, good performance on both upstream face and downstream face of  structure.
 2)  Inorganic rigid material, ageing resistance, mould proof and acid & alkali  resistance are great.
 3) Moisture/wet  substrate application, convenient construction.
 4)  Self recover tiny cracks, penetrating masterbatch maintains permanent active,  forming a crystal mesh when meets with water, blocking capillary  porosity and tiny cracks in concrete structure.
 5)  Prevent concrete structure from acid rain and sea water erosion, effectively  prevent steel bar from corrosion.
 6) Tiling  is suitable on the waterproof layer surface.

3.Construction  Points

1) Application surface be solid, free of  water, oil and dust, ambient temp be 5~35℃.
 2) Before application, the surface be wet  out by clean water, necessary water wash can be applied to maintain a wettish surface, but ponding is not allowed.
 3) Mixing ratio of Powder:water is 2.4~3:1,  pour powder into water only and keep stiring the mixture to get it uniform. Use up the material within 12 hours after the package is open.
 4) Do the coating in 2~3 passes. The 1st  pass shall not be too thick, for the sake of better bonding and maintenance,  while the 2nd pass be carried out after the 1st is slightly cured, normally 3~4 hour interval. In case of a too long interval, the 1st pass shall be wetted out before executing the 2nd pass.
 5) Mist spray or water the coating area  after the construction is done as maintenance for at least 3 days. Only after  this maintenance and the coating are solid dry can next process be  executed.

4.Application  Scope

1) Basement, basement roof, basement walls  and pile heads.
 2) Kitchen, toilet, balcony and roof.
 3) Subway, highway and railway tunnels.
 4) Swimming pool, fire pool, drinking water  pool, fish pond and etc..
 5) Hydropower dam, pipe drain, channels and  other municipal engineering.

5. Executive standard &  Performance index

Executive standard:GB18445-2012 Cementitious    Capillary Crystalline Waterproofing Coating




Uniform powder, no caking

Water content /%  ≤


Finess, 0.63mm residue on sieve /%  ≤


Chlorine ion content /%  ≤



Mixed with water

knife coating barrier-free


knife coating barrier-free

Breaking strength /Mpa,28d  ≥


Compressive strength /Mpa,28d  ≥


Bonding strength at moisture    substrate / Mpa,28d  ≥



6. Cautions
 1) Use up the product once the package is  open, left over material shall be fully sealed.
 2) Application ambient temperature shall be  above 5℃, keep the site  ventilated.
 3) Before the coating gets hard dry after  application, protect it from any damage.

7. Package and Storage
 1) Storage ambient temperature be 10~45℃, away from insolation. While shelf life is 12 months, product still  can be used if in good condition even after shelf life.
 2) Product is non-flammable, odourless,  non-toxic. It shall be set upright during transportation, handled with care in loading and unloading so as to avoid damage.