Self-adhered AL surfaced Waterproofing Membrane

Self-adhered AL surfaced Waterproofing Membrane

It is a kind of single side aluminum surfaced self-adhesive membrane is a self - adhesive membrane manufactured with bituminous selected mastic modified with high performance SBS polymers, this will provide self-healing properties, easy application and great durability. Mainly used for...

Product Details

Solar reflecting waterproofing felt finished with aluminium.
Totally self-adhesive elastomeric bitumen felt finished with embossed aluminium.
DAYU® ALU SELF-ADHESIVE FELT is a waterproofing bitumen felt for pitched roofs and wooden pergolas that is easy to install.
As its finish is aluminium, it is ideal for protecting your roof from solar radiation, since it can reflect up to 97% of the sun’s rays, thus improving the thermal comfort inside.

Guangdong DAYU is a completely self-adhesive waterproofing membrane to waterproof the floors and walls of bathrooms. It is a top quality SBS membrane adhered to a felt which is perfect for cement-based adhesive to attach to during installation. It is used to waterproof floors and walls under tiles, stoneware, vitreous glass mosaic tiles, mortar, etc., in shower trays, hydromassage tubs, jacuzzis, garden showers.