SBS Bitumen Building Waterproof Membrane PE surface Finished

SBS Bitumen Building Waterproof Membrane PE surface Finished

1. Introduction SBS Modified Bituminous Building Waterproofing Membrane is polymer modified asphalt waterproofing material.It is made by dipping the base(long fiber polyester fiber) in the Stylene-Butadiene-Stylene (SBS) modified bitumen.then covering double faces with APP modified bitumen.and...

Product Details

SBS modified bitumen building waterproof membrane PE finished/Sand finished/aluminum foil film finished

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1. Introduction

SBS Bitumen Building Waterproof Membrane PE finished/Sand finished/Aluminum foil film finished

2. Product Specification



 Top surface

 PE film /Aluminum foil /fine Sand /Mineral Granual

 Base reinforcement

 Polyester mat /Fiberglass polymer reinforced




 8m/10 per roll

3. Executive standard:
 GB18242-2008 Elastomer Modified Asphalt  Waterproofing Material


4. Storage&Shipment

4.1 Place the membrane vertically.
4.2 Packed with strong wood pallet and covered by  shrink film in case of slant
4.3 Keep away from fire during storage and  transportation.
4.4 Membranes should be stored under dry and  ventilated conditions in order to keep away from sunlight and raining.

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