APP Bitumen Waterproofing Membrane

APP Bitumen Waterproofing Membrane APP stands for Atactic Polypropylene which is a waterproofing membrane manufactured from modified bitumen with the addition of plastomers.

Product Details

APP Torched Bitumen Waterproof Membrane

  Technical Specification



1.  High tensile strength, high elongation,ajustable to substrate shrinkage and crack.

2.  Good high tempreture ability,suitable for hot regions.

3.  Anti-penatration, anti-crack, anti-tearing,fatigue resistant.

4.   Anti-corrosion, anti-mold, weathering resistant.

Where to use

1.  Industrial and civil buildings, basements, roofs.

2.  Swimming pool, fire-water pond, channel, pipe drain.

3.  Railway, highway, subway and tunnel project.

4.  Sewage pool, garbage field.

About Dayu

Guangdong Dayu is a large collectivize company, specializing in waterproof science and technology. The company is an integration of R&D, manufacture, marketing, construction and technical services in building waterproofing industry. We initially entered building waterproofing industry in 1995, enjoying a famous old brand in domestic market.
Guangdong Dayu consists of three subsidiaries:
Guangdong Dayu Jiuding Waterproof Technology Co.,Ltd, established in 2014, registered capital RMB80 million.
Guangzhou Dayu Building Waterproof Material Co.,Ltd, established in 2008, registered capital RMB100 million.
Guangzhou Dayu waterproof Technology Development Co.,Ltd, established in 1995, registered capital RMB60 million.

Guangdong Dayu conducts collectivized management and has established engineering company and material company and set up sales branches and offices in many major domestic capital cities. We have two large-scale production research and development bases in Guangzhou and Qingyuan, which have several wide width modified asphalt membrane production lines, high-molecular membrane production lines and eco-friendly coating lines, with an annual output capacity of 20 million square meters of modified asphalt waterproofing materials, 15 million square meters of TPO, HDPE, EVA and PVC waterproofing materials and 20 thousand tons of eco-friendly waterproofing coatings. The company marketing network is all over the country and benefits the overseas, with 300 dealer network domestically, meanwhile products are sold to southeast Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, America and other countries and regions.



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APP Torched Bitumen Waterproof Membrane Bituminous SheetDAYU® is one of the most significant & leading Asian manufacturer of waterproofing membranes, with solutions for every waterproofing need: modified bituminous membranes, self-adhesive bituminous membranes,synthetic membranes in TPO(self-adhesive),PVC,HDPE,EVA and EPDM and insulation, coatings in JS polymer,Polyurethane of 911,SPU waterproofing coating,cement-based capillary crystalline and elastomeric coatings for low-and steep-slope applications.


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