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Welcome to Dayu Group! Dayu Waterproof is one of the leading and biggest waterproofing system provider in China. Established in 1995, Dayu waterproof has been devoted to the scientific research, development, producing and sales of waterproof materials. We have been providing high-quality and professional waterproofing system solutions for important infrastructural construction projects, industrial buildings, civil buildings and commercial buildings in the past 20 years. Dayu waterproof...

Hot Products

    • Double-component Polyurethane Building Sealant

      Double-component Polyurethane Building Sealant

      Ø Product introduction Double-component polyurethane building sealant is a two-component reaction type sealant, it ’ s formed by component A and B. Component A is milk-white or light yellow sticky performed polymer, while component B is black cream or liquid mixed by hardening agent and other...

    • Single-Component Polyurethane Building Sealant

      Single-Component Polyurethane Building Sealant

      Single -Component Polyurethane Building Sealant Product Introduction This is a solvent free single unit wet curing at room temperature sealant. It is a paste looking substance, can be injected or painted in application. T he sealant resists hanging down, can be applied to vertical seam and...